A Receding Gum Lift Procedure Is a Gummy Smile Solution

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A receding gum lift is the best solution for a gummy smile. A smile is one of the first things people notice. Any disproportion between teeth and gums or an excessive amount of gums showing creates a “gummy” smile that may not be as aesthetically pleasing. Excess gums are also detrimental to oral health because they make the teeth harder to clean and are susceptible to gum disease. Gum lifts can improve the appearance of a smile and reduce the risk of gum disease.

Causes of a gummy smile

The causes of a gummy smile are well understood by dental professionals. Inadequate gum recession or altered passive eruption is one cause of a gummy smile. Normally, when teeth erupt in childhood, the gums recede toward the roots and stop at the boundary of enamel. In rare cases, the gums do not fully recede, and they cover part of the tooth, making teeth look shorter.

Although uncommon, some medications include hyperplasia, or gum tissue overgrowth in their side effects. Dylantin and cyclosporine are two medications with this rare side effect. Another cause of gummy smile is high lip lines. Exceptionally strong facial muscles pull the lip up and expose more of the gum when smiling. Mouth breathing can also cause gum overgrowth or gum disease by drying out the gum tissues.

When to consider a gum lift

Those who are unsatisfied with their current smile should consider a gum lift. Some patients find a gummy smile to be unattractive, which reduces their confidence. A gum lift will correct the gummy smile by reducing the gums that show to produce a more even and proportionate smile. Those who are unconfident in their smile because of excess gums should consider a gum lift.

A gum lift is the best solution for a gummy smile when caused by certain factors. Gummy smiles that result from altered passive eruption or medication will be resolved with a gum lift. However, gummy smiles produced by irritation from braces, high lip line, mouth breathing or tooth attrition will benefit more from treatments that address those underlying cause. Consult with an experienced dentist to discuss the best treatment option for a gummy smile.

Benefits of a gum lift

The quickest, most comfortable procedure to reduce excess gum is a receding gum lift. The procedure often uses a laser to reshape and seal the gum tissue and has a fast healing time with minimal pain, swelling or bleeding. Compared with other treatments, a receding gum lift is less time consuming, minimally invasive and has a shorter recovery time.

A receding gum lift produces a more natural-looking smile by removing and reshaping excess gum. It will increase the appearance of tooth size and correct the proportion of teeth and gums. Following a gum lift, teeth will be much easier to clean. The result is an aesthetically balanced smile and better oral health. Many patients develop improved confidence from their newfound beautiful smile and are more satisfied with their appearance after a receding gum lift.

Fixing a gummy smile

Gum recontouring may be the optimal solution for a gummy smile. This procedure enhances the appearance and shape of gums for a better smile. Consult with an experienced professional to determine if a gum lift is the best solution. Click the link below to request a dentistry consultation near you.

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