Can You Have Teeth Bleaching if You Have Crowns?

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Teeth bleaching is a great solution for people who want a brighter smile. Many individuals want to improve their smile. Teeth whitening is one way this can be achieved. There are many different procedures that can deliver the desired results.

Teeth bleaching and dental restorations

People whose permanent teeth have come in may qualify for teeth bleaching. The dentist will assess an individual’s oral health and recommend the ideal whitening method. Some factors that will be considered are the type and severity of staining. In-office teeth bleaching and at-home bleaching from the dentist are often suitable for stubborn stains and yellowing. Whitening toothpaste can be used to remove stains between dental visits. In other cases, the use of affordable whitening strips or a whitening gel may be convenient.

Dental crowns

A person who has crowns can still opt for teeth whitening. But there are several things that should be taken into account. Whitening will not work on crowns. It will also not be effective on caps, veneers or fillings. This is why some oral health care providers do not recommend teeth whitening for people with dental restorations.

Bleaching materials can result in the color mismatch of teeth with crowns. If a person has dental restorations, the expense, as well as the risks related to the replacement fillings or dental crowns to match post-bleaching color, may contraindicate bleaching. Even though teeth bleaching may not be the ideal option for some individuals who have caps, crowns or other restorative work to the front teeth, there are still other great alternatives. This means that the oral health care provider can still improve the appearance of their teeth. The dentist can recommend suitable options depending on the needs of the patient.

Tips to prevent tooth discoloration

Once a person has completed a whitening treatment, the individual should take steps to maintain the bright, white smile. A patient’s oral hygiene habits can impact how long the results last. This is important because even after treatment the teeth are still susceptible to staining. This can be from a wide array of foods and beverages. Brushing the teeth or rinsing the mouth after eating and drinking can help keep discoloring agents from settling into the surface of the teeth. This also helps reduce the chance for plaque buildup.

Avoiding stain-causing beverages and foods is always recommended. These include tea, coffee, sports drinks, wine, tomato sauce and berries. All these are known to cause tooth discoloration. When drinking beverages, people should use straws. This will help to keep stain-causing dyes away from the teeth. Tobacco use can also cause people’s teeth to become discolored so a person can benefit from not smoking.

Visit your dentist

A large percentage of people can benefit from teeth bleaching. But it does not work on all teeth. Yellow teeth will most likely bleach well. It can be less effective for brown teeth and it will not work at all on gray teeth. Bleaching will also not work on crowns. If you have crowns, talk to your dentist about all the available options.

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