Why Metal-Free Fillings Are Now The Best Way to Go

Metal-free fillings are quickly becoming the go-to solution in cosmetic dentistry. Gone are the days when traditional black amalgam fillings were the only option dental patients had. These conventional fillings offered poor aesthetics as the patient was left with noticeable […] Continue Reading

Snoring Treatment Options for Adults

There are many snoring treatment options available to those who snore regularly. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, about 30 percent of women and 45 percent of men snore habitually. This happens when the soft tissues of the upper […] Continue Reading

Dental Bone Graft for Implants: No Big Deal

A dental bone graft is sometimes necessary when getting implants. The procedure is nowhere as scary as it sounds, and it is usually done when a patient does not have enough healthy bone tissue to support the installation of implants. […] Continue Reading

Treatment Options for Receding Gums

A person has receding gums when the roots of their teeth become exposed. This usually leads to a higher risk of tooth decay and teeth falling out. Formally called gingival recession, this condition often leads to increased sensitivity to cold […] Continue Reading

Five Common Types of Adult Braces

There are a handful of options available when it comes to adult braces. The concept behind these devices is the same. They all work by continually applying pressure on the wearer’s teeth, gradually pushing them into the desired position.Some of […] Continue Reading

Find Out Foods and Drinks That are High in Acid and Harmful to Your Teeth

Find Out What Foods and Drinks Are High In Acid and Harmful To Your Teeth    When you eat too many acidic foods, you can damage your teeth.  There are plenty of foods and drinks that can cause harm to […] Continue Reading

Do Healthy People Really Have Bacteria in Their Mouths?

Do Healthy People Have Bacteria In Their MOUTH?The word ‘bacteria’ can sometimes send a ‘cold shiver’ down one’s spine. This uneasiness may be due to the understanding of bacteria bringing about infection and thus the need for buying of the […] Continue Reading

Do Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?

Can Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?    When it comes to looking good, your teeth and smile can play a large part in accomplishing that.  Feeling good about yourself is essential to your well-being and livelihood. Veneers are placed on your […] Continue Reading

Dental Bridge or Dental Implant: Which Solution is Right for You?

DENTAL BRIDGE Or Dental Implant: Which Solution Is Right For You?Those people who have had the misfortune of losing their natural teeth to decay, gum disease, or an accident and who wish to fill the gap in their smile will […] Continue Reading

7 Tips for Your Smile Makeover

7 Tips For Your Smile Makeover       Having a beautiful smile consists of many things, not just bright white teeth. In this article, we will discuss seven great tips to improve your smile. It is important to know that going […] Continue Reading