Halitosis Treatment for Children

Halitosis Treatment Sterling, VA

Halitosis, otherwise referred to as bad breath, affects people of all ages, especially children. A common misconception is that halitosis is only the result of poor oral hygiene, but the issue often is far more complex and requires more extensive treatment than simply brushing your teeth.

Treatment options for halitosis in children

Halitosis in children may not seem serious, but it might affect your child’s relationships with peers and cause an oral health concern. Fortunately, there are several easy and effective ways to combat the issue. The following are five easy halitosis treatment options parents can try if their child struggles with bad breath.

Good oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is perhaps the most important care technique in preventing halitosis and preserving good oral health overall. Good oral hygiene should include brushing several times each day, using floss and mouthwash daily and checking for any signs of an oral health complication regularly. Of course, children have a tendency to be neglectful, so it is important for parents to remind their child to take care of their oral health often. 

Professional cleaning

One of the most effective ways to deal with halitosis long-term is to schedule a visit with a pediatric dentist for a professional, in-office cleaning. During the cleaning, the dentist can remove any built-up plaque and tartar that exists on the surface of teeth and gums, which typically is not easy to remove through brushing and using mouthwash alone. 

Antibacterial mouthwash

Another effective way a pediatric dentist might treat halitosis in children is to provide an antibacterial mouthwash. Perhaps the main cause of bad breath in children is an excess of bacteria and food particles inside the mouth. Antibacterial mouthwash kills bacteria and removes food particles in areas of the mouth that are hard to reach while brushing. 

Dietary changes

Another main cause of halitosis in children is a diet of foods and drinks that produce a strong odor, such as onions, foods with garlic and drinks high in sugar. An effective way to eliminate halitosis caused by certain foods and drinks is to reduce the consumption of foods that lead to bad breath, especially foods and drinks high in sugar and other carbohydrates that are harmful to teeth. 

Dry mouth prevention

Saliva washes away bacteria and food particles in the mouth, which aids in the prevention of halitosis. When the mouth does not produce enough saliva, which is known as dry mouth, bacteria and food particles gather and may produce bad breath. One easy and effective way to prevent bad breath is to have your child drink water consistently throughout the day, which is also helpful with good oral health overall as well. 

Talk to a dentist about halitosis treatment

Halitosis treatment is most often easy to treat, but bad breath that goes untreated may worsen and lead to other more serious oral health concerns, including tooth decay, oral infection and stained teeth. If you are interested in learning more about how to treat your child’s halitosis, consult with us today. 

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