Teeth in a Day: Fewer Appointments and Faster Results

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Looking for information on Teeth in a Day, the tooth-replacement option that is now available for people who are missing many of their teeth? This option is available for dental patients who have chosen dental implants as their tooth-replacement option. Dental implants are the only replacement option that acts just like a natural tooth, which requires them to be surgically inserted into one’s jawbone. This connection to the jawbone allows the bone to be healthy as it is once again being stimulated.

About the dental implant process

Learning more about the Teeth in a Day option will help you understand whether or not this is the right option for you. When you decide to get dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you need to first have them surgically inserted into your jawbone. It will take a few months for you to heal from this surgical process. In the meantime, you are still considered to be missing teeth because the implants need to be fully healed before having a new false tooth placed on the implant.

The Teeth in a Day process

Dental patients who choose to have their teeth placed in a day will not have to wait the many months required for their dental implants to fully heal. Instead, they can choose to have temporary teeth placed over their dental implants on the same day they receive their implants. This means that they can have access to the fully functional teeth that allow them to easily perform their everyday functions, like talking and eating. Once their implants have fully healed, they will need to make an appointment to have their temporary teeth removed and their permanent teeth placed.

Who is a candidate for Teeth in a Day?

Dental patients who are considered to be a good candidate for the Teeth in a Day option include patients who are missing one or more of their teeth, are free of gum disease, do not grind their teeth, want to benefit from an immediate cosmetic and functional improvement, have a sufficient amount of jawbone to support the implants and do not have any medical conditions that will prevent them from successfully healing.

Fewer appointments, faster results

Most dental patients are busy nowadays. This means they are often choosing dental treatments that allow them to make fewer dental appointments. They are also wanting to choose any dental treatments that allow them to experience faster results. For dental patients who happen to be missing one or more of their teeth and who choose dental implants as their tooth-replacement option, they can expect to go to fewer appointments and receive fast results when choosing Teeth in a Day.

Ready for Teeth in a Day?

Are you currently missing one or more of your teeth? Since you have already decided to get dental implants placed in your mouth to address your missing teeth situation, you now have the option to have temporary teeth placed over your implants until they fully heal. This means you can start benefiting from your false teeth much sooner, which is what most dental patients prefer.

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