When Is Teeth in a Day Recommended for Teeth Replacement?

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"Teeth in a day" describes the placement of dental implants and artificial teeth in a single procedure. This is unlike conventional treatment plans, where dentists split the process into two or more procedures.

The term "teeth in a day" covers procedures where a patient gets replacements for a few teeth. It also describes procedures where the patient undergoes a full arch restoration, as is the case with implant-supported dental bridges. With full-arch restoration, a patient gets a full set of artificial teeth supported by a few strategically placed dental implants. But is this type of procedure for everyone?

Teeth in a day: The screening process

There is much that goes into the placement and loading of dental implants. The most important steps happen long before the patient sits in the dentist’s chair for dental implant surgery. First, the dentist must screen their patient to ensure a high chance of success. A dentist will recommend teeth in a day when the following conditions are met.

1. When a patient has a strong, healthy jaw

Successful dental implants integrate with the bone tissue in which they sit. When the implants fuse with the jaw, they need to form steady anchors for the prosthetic or dental restoration that they support. This means that the implants themselves need solid support from the jawbone. The surrounding bone must have the mass and density to anchor the implant.

Placing dental implants in a jaw with insufficient bone mass increases the risk of implant failure. However, there is a workaround. If the patient only suffers from a small degree of bone loss, an oral surgeon may recommend bone graft surgery to correct the problem.

2. When the patient is healthy enough to go through oral surgery and recover from it

The placement of dental implants is a surgical procedure. It involves small incisions to the gums and slight drilling to the jaw. The surgery concludes with the installation of dental implants and sutures to close the surgical site.

Dentists screen candidates for teeth in a day to make sure that:

  • The patient has no medical conditions that could result in uncontrollable bleeding during the procedure
  • A candidate is free of chronic conditions that could slow the healing process
  • The candidate is not on any medication that could interact with an anesthetic or affect other aspects of dental implant surgery

Screening involves an examination of the patient’s medical records and where necessary, a consultation with their primary care physician.

3. When full-arch restoration is the best treatment option for an individual

The installation of full arch dental bridges typically takes place in a single procedure. The patient gets to leave the dentist’s office with a set of temporary dentures that sit on four dental implants. A patient receives a permanent full-arch bridge after their implants fuse with the surrounding bone.

4. When the patient only needs a few dental implants

Teeth in a day is a procedure that works best when the patient only needs a few implants on each dental arch. The patient who needs an implant for each of their teeth needs a different treatment option.

Teeth in a day could turn your smile around in a matter of hours

That is a great reason to make an appointment with our dentist so you can find out how. The dentist will use their expertise to craft a treatment plan that can restore your smile. They will let you know if teeth in a day is a good fit for you.

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