Dental Treatments to Repair Receding Gums

Receding Gums Sterling, VA

Receding gums is a concerning problem. It leads to tooth-root exposure. This makes the teeth prone to infection and decay. Tooth loss is the ultimate outcome. If you want to know what dental treatments are available for repairing receding gums, here are the details.


The dentist will check the patient’s teeth first. The primary goal is to save the teeth and gum tissue. The dentist will determine the cause of receding gums. The presence of infections will need antibiotics. Other medications for treating underlying issues leading to gum recession are:

  • Enzyme suppressants
  • Topical antibiotic gels
  • Antimicrobial mouthwash
  • Antiseptic chips

Deep cleaning

There are treatments for receding gums capable of restoring the gum attachment around the teeth. Scaling is for removing the excessive plaque buildup. It goes beyond surface cleaning. This technique allows the dentist to clean below the gumline for plaque removal.

Root planing removes the plaque and dental calculus from underneath the gumline. Regular brushing cannot reach this area. The dentist will then make the roots smooth. This prevents bacteria from reattaching. It also encourages the gums to reattach.


This is the treatment for severe cases of receding gums. Flap surgery is a technique of deep cleaning. Here, the dentist will incise the gum area and lift up the gum tissue flap. Then, the dentist will remove the tartar and bacteria inside the gums. Returning the gum flap to its original position will follow after removing all the tartar.

Severe cases of receding gums will need tissue grafts and oral surgery. This is often an in-office procedure. The patient can go home after. The dentist will remove some healthy tissue from the roof of the mouth. The dentist will then stitch this tissue over the receding gums. Another source of healthy gums is a tissue bank.

The aim of this procedure is to protect the exposed tooth roots. It will result in one or two stitches in the mouth. After healing, a new gumline forms. The dental roots will achieve proper cover again.

Dental veneers

The dentist could also use dental veneers capable of matching the gum tissue. These porcelain, ceramic, or resin veneers can match the color of the gumline. The dentist will match the color well. Each shell is a temporary solution, but it can cover the tooth in full or in part.

Other treatments

The dentist can also provide other treatments. Desensitizing agents can reduce tooth sensitivity. These products can preserve oral health and treat nerve symptoms. The dentist can also use composite restoration. Here, the dentist uses composite resin to cover the root surfaces. This treatment can also correct the black triangles.

Pink composite or resin can match the color of gum tissue. It can fill the areas of receding gums. Orthodontic treatment can move the position of the patient’s teeth over time. It can correct the gum margin. It can also keep the gums clean.

Treating receding gums can help restore your dental health

Gums protect sensitive tooth roots. They also ensure the long life of your teeth. Tooth loss will happen once gum recession worsens. Getting proper treatment for receding gums is important. Your dentist can help you regain your protective gumline through several available treatments.

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