Toothache Remedies From Titan Dental Care

A toothache has the potential to render you immobile, depressed and angry.  If the toothache strikes in the middle of the night or while you are far away from the dentist's office, you will be scrambling for ways to reduce the pain.

Try one or several of the toothache remedies described below to reduce the pain.

A Salt Water Rinse Will Help

Rinsing with warm water mixed with salt will provide relief.  You will only need two or three teaspoons of salt at a maximum.  Swish warm salt water in your mouth, spit it out and the pain will likely dissipate to the point that you can function until the dentist is available to analyze your oral health.  Part of the reason why this approach works is that warm water helps minimize pain.  Salt will decrease the swelling in the gum tissue, making the toothache that much less painful.

Apply a Cold Compress

A toothache caused by swelling should be treated with a cold compress.  Press it against the outer portion of the cheek for 20 minutes.  Remove the cold compress for the next 20 minutes.  The cold temperature will numb the site of the toothache; relieve the pain and decrease inflammation and swelling.

Give Clove Oil a Chance

Clove oil will temporarily decrease the swelling and pain caused by a toothache.  This all-natural remedy can be applied at home.  All you have to do is dip a ball of cotton in clove oil, let it soak up drops and rub it over the affected portion of your mouth.  Clove oil reduces toothache pain as it has eugenol.  This is a completely natural anesthetic.  It is important to note clove oil will mitigate toothache pain rather than the underlying issue that caused the toothache to start with.  Furthermore, clove oil does not taste that great so don't use an abundance of it to treat your toothache.

The Traditional Route: Medicine

An over-the-counter pain medication will reduce the pain of a toothache.  However, medication should not physically contact the painful tooth as it can burn the surrounding gums and lead to considerable pain.  Pain medication will ward off the pain until you can meet with your dentist for a thorough analysis and treatment.

Use a Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

This rinse decreases pain as well as inflammation.  It even kills bacteria, cuts down on plaque and heals gums that bleed.  Dilute your hydrogen peroxide by mixing the 3 percent version with the same amount of water.  Swish it around in your mouth and spit it out as necessary to relieve your toothache pain.

Vanilla Extract Might Work

Just about everyone has vanilla extract in the cupboard.  This common baking ingredient has alcohol that can numb toothache pain.  Furthermore, vanilla extract has antioxidant properties that hasten the healing process.  Apply a dab of vanilla extract to the toothache with your finger.  You should notice a reduction in pain fairly quickly.

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