5 Reasons A Permanent Tooth Replacement Will Benefit Your Oral Health

Oral HealthIf you have a missing tooth or a damaged tooth, permanent tooth replacement is the best option.  A permanent tooth replacement will prevent bacteria from accumulating in the open space left by your missing or extracted tooth.  Furthermore, a permanent tooth replacement will stabilize your jaw bone and surrounding teeth.  You will be able to eat or drink just about anything once your permanent tooth replacement is in place.

5 Benefits of a Permanent Tooth Replacement

Replace Your Teeth Rather Than Restore Them

A permanent tooth replacement substitutes for the missing or damaged tooth.  Alternatively, tooth restorations like dental bridges merely restore these spaces.  It is better to have a permanent tooth replacement that replicates the tooth's roots as well as the tooth itself.  This artificial tooth is reliable, durable and sturdy.  It will withstand the force of crunchy and sticky foods without issue, allowing you to eat a diverse diet full of nutrient-packed foods that benefit your oral health and physical health.

The Support Your Mouth Needs

A permanent tooth replacement bolsters the jaw bone along with the surrounding teeth.  This is the support your mouth requires to remain functional and healthy.  As an example, a dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement that is made of bio compatible titanium.  Titanium alloy has been used for dental devices over the past three decades.

The titanium implant is surgically placed in the jaw yet the jaw is highly unlikely to reject it as it.  The jaw subsequently grows around this dental implant post in a process referred to as osseointegration to provide ample support for the replacement tooth.  Replacing the tooth along with the root helps to retain as much jaw bone density as possible.  Jawbone density is necessary to prevent an abundance of stress on the teeth remaining in the mouth.  If these teeth are stressed, they will eventually weaken and become damaged.

Prevent Jaw Misalignment

Fail to have your damaged or missing tooth replaced with a permanent solution and your bite will eventually become misaligned.  Bite misalignment can cause significant neuromuscular oral health problems.

Prevent Twisting Teeth

Those who leave gaps in their mouth after losing one or several teeth end up with all sorts of oral health problems.  In many cases, the teeth on the sides of the gap will twist to cover up the gap created by the missing teeth.

Prevent Gum Disease With a Permanent Tooth Replacement

If you leave a damaged tooth in place or fail to replace a missing tooth, you will likely end up with gum disease.  The teeth are connected to the gums so problems with either will eventually become problems of both.  Gum disease must be treated as soon as it manifests.  If gum disease progresses from gingivitis to periodontitis, it will cause a destruction of the gums, bone and supporting teeth.  Gum disease can also lead to all sorts of serious illnesses and diseases like cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

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