Are Your Teeth Changing? What Happens to Your Natural Teeth as You Age

Are you considering your options when it comes to making sure your natural teeth last as long as possible? Not everyone is able to keep their natural teeth for their entire life, but according to Harvard Health Publishing, more people than ever still have their natural teeth into their old age. This is due to the many dental advances that are now available to help people keep their natural teeth for as long as they possibly can.

Why teeth are lost

There are many reasons people will lose their natural teeth. Some are related to people not properly taking care of their teeth by brushing and flossing every day, grinding or clenching their teeth and experiencing some form of tooth trauma, like falling down and hitting one’s face on the sidewalk.

What happens to natural teeth as they age?

While our teeth are indeed extremely strong, over the years, they will experience a large amount of wear and tear. This will eventually begin to wear away the outer layer of the enamel, which will put the teeth in jeopardy. The constant use of our teeth when eating also begins to flatten the teeth, which makes them uneven and leads to additional oral problems:

  • The overall brightness of the teeth will begin to dim or even start to turn yellow
  • The gum tissue around the teeth will naturally begin to recede
  • The chances of experiencing tooth decay increases due to a decrease in saliva
  • The nerves in the teeth become smaller, which means the teeth are more prone to cavities
  • There is an increased chance of tooth loss
  • There is an increased chance of being diagnosed with a gum disease

Have any questions about aging teeth?

If we can answer any questions about how natural teeth age, feel free to call us as soon as you can so we can provide the answers you need. When you are looking to solve a dental problem you are currently experiencing, know that we are here for you. The more you can understand about your dental health, the better chances of you always experiencing good dental health. Be sure not to put off any dental issues, as they will only continue to get worse.

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