Why Metal-Free Fillings Are Now The Best Way to Go

Metal-free fillings are quickly becoming the go-to solution in cosmetic dentistry. Gone are the days when traditional black amalgam fillings were the only option dental patients had. These conventional fillings offered poor aesthetics as the patient was left with noticeable dark marks on his or her teeth after getting cavities sealed.

That is not the only reason why metal fillings are no longer the favorite. The metals used contain harmful elements like mercury and silver – which can have adverse effects on the patient's overall health. These fillings have also been known to emit electric currents that can also lead to health issues. Also, there is the fact that these metal fillings are not even very effective when it comes to stopping tooth decay in its tracks. Tooth decay still can develop underneath them.

What to expect when getting metal-free fillings

Fillings are used by dentists to fill the holes created by cavities. Cavities are formed when tooth decay damages the enamel of a tooth and begins to destroy the inner layers. This formation usually leads to sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. Cavities also lead to toothaches when the dentin is exposed. If a cavity is not addressed promptly, it can lead to the pulp chamber being compromised. A root canal treatment is needed to restore the tooth at that point.

Fillings that do not contain any metals are also known as composite resins. These materials have a similar color to natural teeth, and they are virtually invisible inside a patient's mouth. During the treatment, the dentist will begin by removing the decayed portion of the tooth that will be repaired. The tooth is then prepared for the composite using a gel and bonding agent. This makes it possible for the composite filling being used to stick firmly to the tooth.

The composite resin is then applied directly to the tooth, one layer at a time. The material is molded into the desired shape, and then it is hardened with an ultraviolet light, trimmed and polished. Patients should talk to their dentist to verify that the composite being used does not contain bisphenol A or any metals since some composites do contain metals like nickel and aluminum.

The durability of composite resins

One of the main selling points of metal-free fillings is the fact these are not visible inside the patient's mouth once the procedure is complete. Composite resin fillings also last longer than traditional ones, and these do strengthen the tooth's structure as well. That is a significant difference

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