When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

If you have ever found yourself wondering when you need an emergency dentist, this article is for you. An emergency dentist is the person you see when you cannot afford to wait a week or two before seeing a dentist.

Pain is actually a good indicator that you might need to go to an emergency dental clinic. When the pain is excruciating, most people are not willing to wait for a regular dental appointment.

Here are common reasons people seek emergency dental services:

Five reasons to see an emergency dentist

1. A knocked-out or broken tooth

When a person's tooth has been knocked out of its socket, seeing a dentist immediately is important. In some cases, it is possible to reattach the tooth, but the procedure needs to be done as soon as possible. Failing to have a knocked-out tooth immediately treated will leads to lots of pain and the patient permanently losing the tooth.

2. A persistent toothache that emerges out of nowhere

If a tooth suddenly starts causing a patient to be in pain, it can be a sign of a serious dental infection. Dental infections not only lead to the loss of a tooth, but the infection can also spread into the bloodstream and infect other vital organs in the body.

3. An abscessed tooth

Patients do not need to be told to rush to the dentist when they have an abscessed tooth. It comes with all kinds of nasty stuff, like pus oozing out of the tooth, and it can leave a person in a lot of pain. It is virtually impossible to focus or get any sleep when dealing with an abscessed tooth. There is no need to suffer through all that; just head to an emergency dentist for fast relief.

4. Something exposes a tooth's nerves

The nerve of a tooth being exposed to irritants like bacteria, food particles and acids can lead to excruciating pain. This can be the result of a fractured or broken tooth. These types of issues are often caused by trauma on the tooth.

It should be noted that a nerve being exposed does not always lead to pain. If the nerve is severely damaged, the patient will not feel anything. However, the nerve and pulp being exposed can still lead to serious issues like an infection.

5. A swollen mouth or jaw

A person's mouth or jaw being swollen for no apparent reason is not a good thing. It can be a sign of an infection in the jaw or oral cancer. Patients should not take any chances when this occurs, since either can be easily treated when detected early.

The days of having to endure pain while waiting for a dental appointment are over. There are emergency dentists all over the place, and many can provide services at any time of the day.

Dealing with any of the issues listed above? Talk to one of our emergency dentists immediately.

What are you waiting for?

Request an appointment in our Sterling dentist office here: https://www.titandentalcare.com.

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