What Services Does a 24 Hour Dentist Provide?

Emergency Dentist Sterling, VA

A 24 hour dentist is exactly what you need if you find yourself dealing with a dental emergency. These dentists provide emergency dental services to their patients at any time of the day, and they also provide regular dental appointments during their normal hours.

Dental emergencies are issues that require immediate treatment, like a knocked-out tooth. Getting to a dentist within a couple of hours can be the difference between the tooth being reattached or having to replace it with an implant.

Services provided by a 24 hour dentist

Let us take a closer look at the services available from a 24 hour dentist.

1. Tooth reattachment

Dentists can reattach a knocked-out tooth if the patient makes it to a clinic within a few hours. It is one of the most common dental injuries, with over 3 million children suffering from a knocked-out tooth playing sports each year, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Not getting to a dentist immediately rules out the option of getting a tooth reattached. At that point, the dentist can only replace the tooth with an oral prosthetic, like a dental implant.

2. Tooth infection treatment

An infected tooth is another common dental issue that needs emergency treatment. It typically occurs when a tooth’s pulp chamber has been compromised by tooth decay or damage. The pulp chamber houses a tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. The chamber is sealed off from the rest of a tooth to protect its contents against bacteria and acids in the mouth.

When damage or infection opens this area up, the soft tissues are exposed to acids and bacteria. The acids irritate these soft tissues, leading to painful toothaches, the type that makes it impossible to focus on anything else. The tooth becoming infected by bacteria only makes the pain worse.

A dentist can address the issue by performing a root canal. The procedure involves injecting the patient with a local anesthetic and using dental files to clean out the pulp. The tooth is sealed with gutta-percha, and it might be covered with a crown.

3. Broken tooth treatment

Not all breaks count as dental emergencies, like those that barely crack past the enamel. However, damage to a tooth that opens up its pulp chamber requires immediate treatment to prevent the pulp chamber from being infected.

A dentist can address such damage by performing a root canal to clean out the tooth’s pulp chamber. The tooth is then covered with a crown to complete the treatment. Failing to treat a severely damaged tooth can lead to severe toothaches and significantly increase the risk of the tooth becoming infected.

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