What Does an Emergency Dentist Do?

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An emergency dentist can treat most urgent dental problems you might be facing. If you have a dental emergency, it is important to call a dentist as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you may need emergency dental care. Seeing a dentist immediately is recommended if there is visible damage to your teeth or if you notice or experience symptoms that may indicate underlying problems like tooth decay or an abscess. Seeking dental care early is advisable because it can prevent problems from becoming more serious.

Emergency dentist

Dental emergencies require immediate treatment. Many dental problems and issues are not considered emergencies. However, some are serious enough to require a visit to an emergency dentist. The dentist can help treat the problems and prevent them from developing into complex complications. Some of the symptoms and signs of dental emergencies are heavy bleeding that will not stop, severe pain, swelling and a loose tooth.

Tooth pain

Tooth pain can be caused by decay, an injury or infection. Mild tooth pain can be managed by over-the-counter pain medications. But if the tooth pain is severe and the medications and other home remedies do not help, calling a dentist is recommended. Severe and intense tooth pain can be an indicator of an infection on the root of a tooth. A dentist will be able to evaluate the teeth and narrow down to the cause of the pain. Treatment will be determined based on the diagnosis.

A broken or loose tooth

A broken or cracked tooth is a common dental emergency. A cracked tooth is usually immensely painful. Even if it does not hurt right away, it probably will if it is not treated. A broken tooth increases the likelihood of bacteria reaching the inside of the tooth. When a tooth breaks, the pulp becomes exposed. A person can lose the tooth due to an infection in the tooth pulp.

It is not normal for an adult to have a loose tooth. It can indicate that something is not right with the teeth. A loose tooth should be checked out because it may be a sign of other dental problems such as a gum infection. If a person did not suffer from an injury, a loose tooth could be due to tooth decay.

Bleeding gums

Many people experience bleeding from the gums after brushing and flossing. Bleeding of the gums can be a sign of gum disease or gingivitis. Experiencing a little gum bleeding is not an emergency. But a person should still be on the lookout. Seeing an emergency dentist is recommended if a person experiences heavy bleeding or swelling from the gums. A dentist can conduct a thorough examination of the gums and identify the cause of the swelling and bleeding. If gum disease is not treated, it can have serious irreversible consequences on the gums and teeth.


You should never let a dental emergency go untreated. If you experience severe pain, bleeding gums or loose teeth, it is time to call the dentist. An emergency dentist will be able to evaluate your problem and identify its cause. The dentist will then treat your problem depending on the diagnosis.

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