Three Reasons to Get a Dental Filling

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Individuals that have been told they need a dental filling may wonder why. It is a great question, and for the most part, there are three main reasons why a general dentist may recommend this type of treatment. Continue reading to find out more. 

When a dental filling is needed

Outlined below are three reasons to get a dental filling. Reviewing this information can be helpful when trying to understand why this dental restoration is necessary.

Cavity repair

The number one reason to get a dental filling is to repair a cavity. A cavity is the result of an infection that affects a tooth. It usually starts out small and continues to grow if immediate attention is not provided. If the infection spreads, it leads to a cavity, which almost always requires dental attention. In most cases, the dental attention required to treat a minor to moderate cavity is a dental filling. 

A dental filling will be placed after the damaged parts of the tooth have been removed. After this takes place, there is an empty space or cavity within the tooth, requiring a material to seal it off and protect the inside. 

Cracked tooth

Another reason to get a dental filling is to address a cracked tooth. Cracks in the teeth can be a result of an injury, such as a blow to the face. On the other hand, a tooth can crack from simply biting down something too hard. Having a cracked tooth treated is absolutely necessary as it can be risky to ignore. A crack can lead to a bigger crack, which could split the entire tooth, exposing the gums or even the nerves. 

Minor cracks in the teeth can be addressed with a dental filling. The dentist will use the desired dental material and fill any spaces created by a crack, assuming that it is minor. More moderate or severe cracks in the teeth may require a more in-depth dental procedure, such as a crown. 

Chipped tooth

Just like with a crack, a chip in a tooth can also result in a need for a dental filling. Chipped teeth are problematic because they can create sharp edges, which can put the soft tissues of the oral cavity at risk of getting cut or scraped. Having a dentist administer treatment, such as a dental filling is a good idea. 

A dental filling can fill in any spots where a tooth has been chipped, assuming that it is a molar tooth. Front teeth that are chipped may require another dental procedure; however, in some cases, a filling may be suitable. 

Find out more about getting a dental filling

Individuals who want more information on getting dental fillings should consult directly with a general dentist. Any questions or concerns can be addressed, and an evaluation can be performed to determine whether or not a dental filling is a viable option. To get started with an appointment or to learn more, reach out today. 

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