Teeth in a Day: Everything You Need to Know

Teeth In A Day Sterling, VA

Teeth in a day, also known as same day implants or immediate load dental implants, offer a quick way to replace missing teeth. Having no teeth for most people is not convenient and it can be uncomfortable. Depending on the treatment option chosen, sometimes a person may have to wait for a long time to get new teeth. However, same day implants are convenient because the time it takes to get new teeth is immensely short. Read on to learn more about same day implants and how they can help you.

Teeth in a day

The teeth in a day procedure offers an effective way for people to get new teeth in one day. This is one of the major reasons why many patients opt for this treatment option. But people who intend to get same day implants should know that to prepare for the day that the procedure will be done, a lot of planning is often involved and a patient may have to visit the dentist several times. People considering dental implants should learn about the process involved and their benefits.

How the procedure works

A dental implant is basically a tooth root substitute that is surgically placed in a patient’s mouth. Depending on a variety of factors including a patient’s situation, the implants may involve one or several surgical procedures. It is important for people to go to highly trained dentists who do dental implants as opposed to just any health care practitioner. These dentists will also help patients who want same day implants. The teeth in a day procedure involves cleaning the surgical area, placing the implant into the jawbone and eventually attaching the crown immediately.

Benefits of teeth in a day

The obvious benefit of the teeth in a day procedure is that implant placement can be completed in a single day. This will help a patient to save time that would have been spent in the dentist’s chair. A patient does not also have to spend a lot of time with missing teeth. A dental implant can improve a person’s self-esteem because it looks and feels like a normal tooth. Aside from the aesthetics, dental implants can make it easier for people to eat as well as speak mainly because implants are often stable. Implants also offer firm support to artificial teeth.

Visit your dentist

You should consider getting same day implants because of the benefits they offer. However, after treatment, you should always take care of the implants and keep your mouth and body healthy. To ensure your implants are functioning properly and that your implants can last for many years, you must schedule regular dental visits. Your dentist will ensure that no problems develop and also advise you on how to take good care of them. As much as a dental implant is a good tooth-replacement option, implants are not recommended for everyone. Visit your dentist to find out if same day implants are right for you and much more about them.

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