Do I Need To Visit a 24 Dentist?

If you damage your teeth, gums, tongue or jaw, do not assume it will improve in the coming hours and days without the assistance of a 24 hour dentist. You might require the attention of a 24 hour dentist to ensure your teeth function like they should across posterity.

Here is a look at some of the top reasons to visit the 24 hour dentist for immediate attention.

A Knocked Out Tooth

If you suffer an oral injury that causes a tooth to be knocked out, visit the 24 hour dentist right away. You should also visit the emergency dentist if your oral injury spurs bleeding that will not stop. Any serious injury involving the gums, cheek or tongue will also require attention from a 24 hour dentist.

A Chipped or Cracked Tooth

If you chip or crack your tooth, you need attention from an oral health professional. Collect the pieces of the broken tooth if you can find them and bring them to the 24 hour dentist.

Pain or Injury Stemming From Sports

One of the top reasons to visit the 24 hour dentist is injury and/or pain suffered when playing sports. This is true for adults as well as youngsters. Contact sports like football, hockey, basketball and lacrosse are especially dangerous. Oftentimes, oral health injuries stemming from sports participation can be mitigated or prevented with the use of a mouth guard.

Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident and suffer a tooth, gum, tongue or jaw injury, you should obtain treatment from a 24 hour dentist as soon as possible. Auto accidents commonly damage tooth enamel as the teeth hit against the steering wheel and other surfaces during the collision. Enamel is certainly strong yet it can't withstand the force of many auto accidents. Keep in mind some emergency rooms do not treat tooth damage but the 24 hour dentist is always available in your time of need.

Tooth Infection

If you have a tooth infection, the emergency dentist will analyze the tooth in question, identify the infection's location and determine the best course of treatment. The infection will be removed to preserve the integrity of the teeth and gums. A tooth infection should be treated right away. If left alone, it can result in a painful dental abscess. This is a major infection that has the potential to settle in the jaw bone as well as the floor of the mouth. If this occurs, oral surgery might be required to fully remove the infection.

Additional Reasons to Visit a 24 Hour Dentist

If you have a toothache, you are likely in terrible pain. If your toothache persists beyond an hour and continues to hurt during and after teeth cleaning, reach out to the 24 hour dentist for assistance. If you lose a filling or crown, do not hesitate to obtain assistance from an emergency dentist. The same is true for those who suffer a dental abscess.

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