5 Worst Foods to Get Stuck in Your Teeth

Food stuck between or in teeth has the potential to do more than merely make you look a bit foolish when opening your mouth in front of others.  Food that sticks between teeth really can compromise your oral health. Some foods are especially harmful to the teeth.


Here is a look at the worst foods to have between your pearly whites.

White Bread

Most people do not realize that white bread is one of the worst foods that can stick between the teeth.  White bread is certainly delicious yet it is bad for the teeth as well as the body. Particles of white bread are likely to mush during the chewing process and become trapped in the spaces between teeth.

When you eat white bread, you may find that you have to press out the small bits that stick between your teeth.  It will help to transition to wheat bread as it is unlikely to cause similar problems.


Popcorn kernels are just about the worst thing to have stuck in your teeth.  Popcorn is one of the most difficult foods to remove from the mouth. Popcorn kernels and shells can even press into the front portion of the tooth and move beneath the gum.

In some cases, people will not be able to remove the bits of popcorn stuck between the teeth with floss.  The assistance of a dentist will be necessary for such a situation.


While spinach is revered by nutritionists as a “superfood,” it will find its way between teeth with surprising ease.  Spinach is so soft that it can easily stick between the teeth without causing any sort of discomfort. Plenty of people have spinach stuck between their teeth at this very moment and have no idea it is there.

The problem with spinach in the teeth is it looks terrible when smiling or opening your mouth for any other purpose.  Furthermore, spinach will cause tooth decay just like any other food that remains between the teeth. Thus, it is important to brush and floss on a regular basis. Drinking water can also help to remove loose particles of food from the teeth.


Meat is typically fairly tough and chewy.  Thin strands of meat will almost certainly end up caught between your teeth if you eat enough steak, chicken, fish and pork.  The tougher meats such as steak are especially difficult to remove from teeth. Meat that people consume off the bone, such as ribs or chicken wings, is also likely to lodge between the teeth.


Eat a couple crackers and you will probably assume there is no reason to floss or brush your teeth.  However, these salty treats are actually terrible for the teeth. Crackers are one of the top causes of cavities.  Saltine crackers are especially bad as they are a highly processed and fermentable starch. If these highly processed crackers are stuck between the teeth, they will feed harmful bacteria and hasten tooth decay.


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