5 Dangerous Myths About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is more common than most people think.  More people suffer from this disorder than recognized by statistics simply because the general public lacks knowledge and awareness about what sleep apnea. There is plenty of misinformation about sleep apnea and even some bald-faced lies.  Below, we separate truth from fiction to help readers better understand this potentially deadly sleep disorder.

Sleep Apnea is Limited to Heavy Middle-aged Men

Sleep apnea is not limited to those who are middle-aged, overweight or men.  Though men are slightly more likely to suffer from sleep apnea, this condition can also impact women.  Even some children have sleep apnea. In many cases, kids plagued by sleep apnea are misdiagnosed with ADHD.

Medication for ADHD does not treat the cause of the sleep apnea disorder.  So do not assume you do not stand a chance of having sleep apnea simply because you are not an overweight man.

Patients are Required to Spend a Night in a Sleep Laboratory for Analysis

Plenty of people refuse to test for sleep apnea since they either do not want to know they have the disorder or they believe they will have to sleep in a lab.  The truth is that home tests are easier on all parties. Home tests are highly accurate. Furthermore, tech advances make such home testing for sleep apnea comfortable and accurate.

Sleep Apnea is no big deal

If sleep apnea is not treated, the patient will be at risk for all sorts of diseases, illnesses and conditions like diabetes, heart attack, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.  Sleep apnea also makes it difficult to remain alert while driving. There is a chance sleep apnea sufferers will fall asleep while behind the wheel, drift into another vehicle or an object and cause a potentially fatal accident.

Furthermore, there is such a thing as sleep debt.  If you do not enjoy restful sleep, your sleep debt will build up to the point that it negatively impacts your life in the form of diminished energy and mental cloudiness.

Snoring is the Lone Sign of Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea causes the airway to bend and close, making it difficult to transmit the proper amount of air through the passage. The constriction of air causes vibrations and subsequent noise in the form of snoring. This is why most people think snoring is the primary cause of sleep apnea.

In reality, snoring is not the only sign of this sleep disorder. Furthermore, plenty of people who do not suffer from sleep apnea snore while sleeping.

CPAP is the Sole Means of Treating Sleep Apnea

CPAP machines are stereotyped as clunky, noisy and annoying.  There is a widespread belief CPAP is the only way to treat this sleep disorder. Oral appliances are also available to treat sleep apnea. Such customized sleep appliances can be made for patients to wear while sleeping. Similar to retainers, these oral appliances move the lower jaw forward to open airways.

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