4 Reasons Flossing is Crucial for Teeth Longevity

Every time you visit your dentist, one of the top questions you get is whether or not you floss regularly. It is a valid question, as annoying as it may seem. Flossing for teeth longevity is advocated for because it enhances your health and ensures that you will have your teeth intact long enough.

On most occasions, people defend themselves by pointing out their discipline when it comes to teeth brushing. Brushing twice per day is not sufficient enough, because it only cleans the outer and top parts of your teeth. For the benefits of your dental health, you need to clean your teeth not just on the outside and top parts, but also on those places your toothbrush cannot reach. This is where flossing comes in.

Four reasons why flossing is important

1. Effective cleanliness

A toothbrush will only remove plaque on your teeth. Regardless of whether or not you are using toothpaste with fluoride, your toothbrush alone cannot be relied on solely.

By flossing, you are able to reach the tight spaces between your teeth as well as the gaps between your teeth and gums.

According to the ADA, the fluoride in your toothpaste can penetrate more to the spaces between your teeth and the gaps on the gums, if you floss before brushing.

For effective cleaning of your teeth, you need to use a combination of both your toothbrush and floss.

2. Preventing tartar buildup

If you neglect your teeth, tiny particles of food will get stuck, forming plaque. As we mentioned earlier, using just your toothbrush might not be effective enough. Over time, the debris and other substances turn into a thick deposit known as tartar.

Tartar can only be scraped off by a dentist. To avoid getting tartar, use floss to clean the gaps between your teeth and the gums.

3. Protecting your gums

As mentioned above, tartar leads to gingivitis, which causes redness and swelling of the gums. If left untreated, tartar and plaque will spread deeper into the gums leading to periodontitis. which is is a severe inflammation on the gums. When your gums get to this stage, the loss of your teeth and the jawbone could be inevitable.

4. Preventing tooth decay

If you cannot manage a daily routine, flossing on a regular basis may save your teeth from decaying. The buildup of plaque will not only affect your gums but also your teeth. This, in return, leads to tooth decay, which can cause you to lose your teeth a lot earlier than you may have anticipated.

Keep smiling by flossing

It goes without saying that good dental hygiene leads to a smiling face. When you floss on a regular basis, your teeth, as well as the gaps between your gums and teeth, will be clean.

You will not have to be worried about your breath or your teeth having any plaque and food remains, if you are regularly flossing.

No one wants to lose their teeth at an early age due to negligence. Flossing for teeth longevity is manageable at a low cost and can be done from the comfort of your home. Go and get yourself a dental floss and start flossing.

If you need further assistance regarding flossing to maintain proper dental hygiene, our office is always happy to assist in any way that we can. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment or consultation with us, call Titan Dental Care today at (703) 745-3227.

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