What To Ask Your Hygienist at Your Routine Dental Care Visit

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A major component of routine dental care is a professional cleaning. Because this is typically done by a dental hygienist, someone in this profession typically knows more about the patients' teeth than the dentist or even the patient themselves. This makes a dental hygienist a tremendous source of information about oral health. Take advantage of the knowledge this type of professional has by asking specific questions.

Questions to ask a hygienist during a cleaning 

Asking the right questions can provide great insight into oral health and dental care.

Are there additional tools that would benefit oral health?

While toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, and a toothbrush should be a part of everyone's oral hygiene routine, certain people require additional or specialized tools to properly care for the mouth. Those with the following dental apparatus should consider using extra tools to care for the teeth:

  • Braces
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures
  • Dental implants

People with these might find using a traditional toothbrush or dental floss difficult or even impossible. If there is a barrier to proper oral care, it is critical to find the right tool to overcome it. 

Are there areas of the mouth that are being missed during cleanings at home?

As a hygienist performs routine dental care, they can easily spot areas with more plaque or tartar buildup. While no one is perfect at brushing or flossing the teeth and everyone has areas it is impossible to completely clean without specialized tools, those spots can vary from person to person. Knowing where those spots are in the mouth can drastically improve home tooth care. It is also a good idea to ask how to better reach or clean these areas to prevent decay.

Have there been any major changes in the mouth since the last visit?

There are many factors that can change a person's risk factor for cavities. Dietary changes, medication changes, and even minor changes to the oral hygiene routine can cause problems like dry mouth, gum recession, acid reflux, or root exposure. A dental professional cleaning the teeth regularly is able to catch any changes to the teeth or gums that seems excessive or out of line with normal wear and tear. Pointing out these changes and talking through any alterations to diet, overall health, medication, or daily habits can help identify the source of the changes and hopefully prevent them from damaging the teeth. 

Which oral hygiene products are recommended?

Not all toothpaste is the same. Some have more abrasives, while others have special ingredients for sensitive teeth, weak enamel, and more. The same can be said of toothbrushes. Should anyone be using a manual toothbrush, or is everyone recommended to use an electric one? Which type of bristles are right? Using the right products can make a noticeable difference in the health of the mouth. 


A dental professional who sees the same teeth regularly for routine dental care is a wealth of information. Knowing which questions to ask can help improve oral hygiene routines and overall oral health. Questions about tools and habits are good ones to ask, because changes can be made in those areas to make the mouth healthier. 

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