Tips for Root Canal Aftercare

There can be a fair amount of discomfort that exists following a root canal procedure, which can be very uncomfortable and last for several days.

However, the pain and swelling that exists after a root canal procedure can be managed with the proper root canal aftercare.

Root Canal Aftercare

By understanding how to properly care for your mouth following a root canal, you can ensure a speedy recovery and manage the pain during the recovery.

The following are four tips for root canal aftercare to help manage the pain and make a quick recovery.

Avoid pressure

First and foremost it is important to avoid pressure placed upon the affected area. There is likely to be a lot of sensitivity and swelling that exists after a root canal. It is important not to do anything to aggravate the root canal area as doing so can cause more pain than necessary.

Be sure to avoid chewing with the side of the mouth as doing so may cause an increase in the pain level. The goal is to reduce the swelling as soon as possible after a root canal. The best way to do so is to give the affected area time to cover without being forced to function at a normal level.

Eat carefully

As mentioned, it is important to avoid chewing on the side of the mouth in which the root canal occurred. It is also important to choose which foods and drinks you consume carefully.

Be sure to avoid foods that are hard to chew. Choose foods that go down easily to avoid aggravation.

Along with the pain, there is likely to be an increased level of tooth sensitivity following a root canal. Due to this, it is important to avoid foods and drinks that are either very hot or very cold as it can cause more discomfort than what is necessary.

Brush gently

Everything becomes more difficult after a root canal, including one’s daily care routine. However, it is even more important to continue on with your daily care routine after a root canal procedure in order to prevent an infection.

When brushing, be sure to go over the affected area very gently, but thoroughly, to kill any bacteria that may exist on or around the area without causing increased pain and sensitivity.

Additionally, be sure to increase the use of mouthwash following a root canal procedure.

Manage pain

While it is not the most important thing to remember, pain management is the most sought after care technique following a root canal as the discomfort can be incredibly frustrating.

The best way to manage pain is to take pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication throughout the day. However, be sure to talk to your dentist before taking medication for the pain after a root canal.

Also, keeping pressure off of the affected area and avoiding foods and drinks that are hot or cold can help reduce the pain level. With proper care, the pain should start to improve after several days following a root canal.

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