What Happens When You get Dentures From the Dentist?

DenturesGetting a new pair of dentures from the dentist is an exciting experience. When receiving dentures, you may be missing or we will have to extract most remaining teeth to accommodate the new dentures. While this step can be a bit intimidating, removing the teeth is crucial for the dentures to fit properly.

Here is a look at what the rest of the denture process involves to help you determine if dentures are ideal for your mouth, comfort and well-being.

The Basics of Dentures

All of the teeth must come out to accommodate full dentures. The gums are given time to heal after pulling the teeth and time to shrink back to their permanent shape. This waiting period differs from the patient's unique mouth and the total number of teeth we need to remove. There are partial dentures that will only require removing some of the teeth. It will all depend on what type of dentures the patient needs.

In general, it usually takes between four and six weeks for a full recovery to take place. At this point, we will take an impression of the mouth. This impression serves as the guide to create the new dentures.

The Fitting

The initial fitting takes place about a month after the order for the dentures. We will schedule the patient for an appointment known as the initial fitting, during which we will place the dentures in the patient's mouth. We will make the appropriate adjustments to provide the patient with the most comfortable and natural fit.

However, the initial fitting is not the end of denture placement and maintenance. There will be additional appointments necessary to fine tune the dentures. These minor adjustments will ensure the dentures are effective and perfectly comfortable. We can help ensure that the dentures do not fall out when one speaks or eats.

Rather than going without teeth while we make adjustments, the patient can make use of immediate dentures. We will make a wax impression of the teeth prior to extraction. We have a dental lab make the permanent dentures with this wax impression serving as a guide. The patient returns for a subsequent appointment when we place the immediate denture. The entire process typically takes about a couple weeks to complete.

How First Time Denture Wearers Might Feel

Those who are wearing dentures for the first time will find them to be a bit obtrusive. It likely feels as though the mouth is full. There could even be minor soreness, an increase in saliva and some irritation. However, it will not take long to adjust to the dentures. Start out eating foods that are easy to chew, such as fish, eggs, cheese, cooked vegetables, jello, pudding etc.

It is important to chew slowly and take small bites. Do not bite down hard with the front teeth. It will take some time to adjust to hot foods. Avoid chewing gum as well as chewy and hard foods. We will provide patients with the proper steps for cleaning the dentures. If one does not clean the dentures properly, then there is too great chance of an infection spreading.

It is important for the patient to pay close attention and get the most value out of the dentures. Patients need to soak and brush the dentures at least once per day, use the proper cleaning fluid and use non-abrasive toothpaste to avoid scratching the dentures.

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