Why Visit a Family Dentist in Sterling

Family DentistAs a family dentist in Sterling, we treat patients of all ages, with the goal to help our patients maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime. When you visit our family dentist office, we will discuss your health history, what you do and do not like about your smile, conduct a physical examination and take X-rays. All this helps us to get to know you so we can create a customized treatment plan for your dental care.

Benefits to Visiting a Dentist in Sterling


In our family dentist office, we build relationships. We do not treat patients like a number in a long line of appointments. Instead, we value the relationships we build with our patients and believe these relationships allow us to identify potential health problems before they arise. Thus, we can provide fast treatment times and successful preventative care.

Continuity of care

When one brings the entire family to our dentist office, we can provide a continuity of care that one will not receive by visiting multiple practices. Continuity is essential when it comes to properly diagnosing conditions and preventing new ones from developing. We do not need to ask for records because we already have them. We do not need to ask what happened to the patient's tooth three years ago because we would have been the ones who fixed it. When a patient expands this throughout the entire family, the level of care they receive will go up significantly, as will the convenience.

Easy appointments

As a family dentist, we understand how busy our patients are. Parents running from work to soccer practice and driving kids to SAT prep may find that there is very little time left over for taking care of things like dental care. This is why we make it a priority to make dental appointments fast and easy. In our dentist office, we can set an appointment for all of a parent's children, or just the parent, around the same time. This way, the parent only needs to make one trip to our office and receiving dental care will become significantly more convenient.

Preventative care saves time

When you visit our dentist office for preventative care, you are saving yourself time and a headache in the future. By cleaning your and your children's teeth twice a year, we can prevent many of the common oral health problems from ever developing. Cavities and gum disease, for example, will be less likely to occur. As a result, you will not need to worry about receiving intensive treatments in the future. This is beneficial because these routine visits take less time to complete, are more affordable, and more comfortable than it would be to remove an infection or complete a restoration. We can provide you with all these services in our family dentist office, but our goal is to keep you healthy so you do not need them.

Call us at (703) 745-3227 to schedule an appointment with our dentist office so you can learn how important preventative care can be.

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