Dental Implants: The King of Tooth Loss Solutions

For someone who has lost a tooth or multiple teeth, it can be confusing trying to figure out whether dental implants are the best replacement solution. Because of their durability and how they look and feel like natural teeth, dental implants continue to be a great solution.

Because of how dental implants work, many people forget that it is not a natural tooth in their mouth. Also, care and maintenance are just like that of natural teeth, so they can be an excellent option for anyone with one or more teeth missing.

How are dental implants inserted?

What makes this method of tooth replacement different from others is that the dental implant is inserted and fastened directly into the jawbone. For the overall health of a person’s mouth, this is a great thing.

Other tooth replacement options, such as dentures, do not stimulate the jawbone, meaning that over time, a person’s jawbone will begin to deteriorate. However, with this tooth replacement option, a person will not have to worry about their jawline starting to sag or droop. The stimulation caused by the implant when the patient eats or moves their mouth will ensure a healthy jawbone for many years to come.

How do they feel like natural teeth?

After the metal spoke has been inserted and fastened to the jawbone, an abutment will be placed directly on top. A dental crown will be created that matches the color of the teeth nearby and will be fastened on. After this step is completed, the patient will feel like they have their natural tooth back and will be able to eat and smile as they did before losing the tooth.

The care and maintenance required for dental implants are just like a person’s other natural teeth. Brushing twice per day and flossing is vital. They will quickly forget they have dental implants, and unless they tell anyone, no one will be able to notice either!

Why are dental implants the “king” of tooth loss solutions?

There are a few reasons that dentists and patients believe that dental implants are one of the best solutions for one or more missing teeth. One of the top reasons is that they look and feel just like a person’s natural teeth. There is no slipping or having to remove the teeth each day, and many times, people forget that they are not their natural teeth to begin with.

Another main reason is because of the stimulation that dental implants give to a person’s jawbone. Having this aspect will ensure that a person’s jawbone does not begin to deteriorate and causes their outer appearance to start changing because of a sagging or drooping jawline.

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